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Why JavaScript?

Let me start off with my top 5 reasons for using JavaScript;

  1. JavaScript can make Web pages dynamic and interactive
  2. The language is easy to learn but, at the same time, has a surprising depth to it
  3. JavaScript is based on a mature standard
  4. There is a wide range of excellent JavaScript engines available
  5. Versatile libraries and powerful developer tools are easily accessible and can be downloaded free of charge

Cheat sheets

Of course entire books have been written on the subject of JavaScript. I have developed multiple cheat sheets while working my way through this material;

JavaScript cheat sheets
Basics The basics cheat sheet is all about the core of the language. For example loop structures, application branching, data-types, etc. The source code can also be executed as a JsFiddle.
OOP For the Object Oriented part of JavaScript I actually documented the results of my studies in a presentation. This presentation contains links to example code. This code can also be run from this Website.
Runtime The JavaScript program runtime is an intricate subject. I could never really put my finger on it until I came across an excellent article written by Dmitry Soshnikov. I have published a SlideShare which contains my notes and the Visio diagrams I created to come to grips with the JavaScript runtime and related topics such as the global object, execution contexts and closures.
DOM The DOM (Document Object Model) is a very important part of what makes Web pages dynamic and interactive. This involves selecting specific parts of HTML pages in JavaScript code and traversing & manipulating them. Click here to have a look at my standards based cheat sheet.
CSS Cascading style sheets can control the style and layout of one or more Web pages. CSS can be scripted to create, for example, visual effects and/or animations. Click here for an elementary illustration of these concepts.

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